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About Us

"Meditate through sweat, release your past, move into your light" - Aurenda  

Our Vision:

It is our belief that the few moments one is able to carve out of the day to exercise should be optimized by tapping into both mind and body.  We have found that by setting an intention and being reminded of that intention throughout one’s practice, allows for a much more fulfilling experience.  When you tap into the universe, the universe hears you.    

Our History:

The original Aurenda™ Sweat Towel was created out of necessity.  Julie F. OConnell, an avid yoga practitioner and exercise enthusiast, had yet to find a towel that would stay in place and allow for unencumbered movement.  With a background in design and manufacturing, a love of exercise, meditation and a deepened spiritual practice, Julie was inspired to create this towel.  She set out to design a towel that would stay in place during a workout and provide spiritual practice and growth.  After testing out a few iterations, Julie landed on the towel design that is in use today.  She began using the towel during her practice and exercise classes and found it a great addition.  With interest among fellow practitioners and exercise enthusiasts; Julie set out to produce the Sweat Towel™ so that anyone could benefit.  

Julie launched Aurenda™ and introduced her first product - The Aurenda™ Sweat Towel. The towels are aura and chakra inspired. Every towel comes with a specific color and mantra.  It is her belief that each towel helps to create space for one to set an intention and meditate through sweat.