Aura Empower Hoodie - Orange

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Hoodies Just Got Spiritual

Every stitch, color, word and placement on our hoodies has an energetic purpose and vibration.  Aurenda supports those who are on a journey of the self by creating products that support, enhance, and harness universal energy. Our products give each individual the tools they need to live in their empowerment to illuminate their souls.  


  • Mantra is on the left arm for receiving.
  • Logo representing universal oneness is placed on the heart.
  • The sacred number of 3 is represented in lines on the right arm for sending ones energy out.
  • "I trust in the light and energy of the universe" is stitched onto the crown chakra as a place where spiritual connection and transformation occur.

Made from:

  • Luxury blend of sustainable bamboo and 100% organic cotton.  
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