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Sweating Just Got Spiritual

We believe that as a company the only way to succeed and raise our vibration is to bring consciousness into everything we do. From the materials that our towels are made out of, to the energetic intentions we use to enhance your experience; at Aurenda®™, we are energized knowing that every part of our products are consciously created!

Towels are super absorbent and designed with a sleeve that attaches to most exercise mats for a slip resistant experience! A sewn on elastic tie, makes it easy to roll up or attach it to most exercise mats!

Dimensions 27 x 20

Violet Defining Characteristics:

Violet is a color that represents the peaceful warrior, embodying inner and outer poise. Wearing Violet can inspire you to be of service to humanity, leading with grace and compassion.

  • Gentle & Serene: Brings a sense of calm and serenity.
  • Inspirational Leader: Encourages you to lead and inspire others with vision and humility.
  • Visionary & Compassionate: Fosters a visionary mindset and compassionate approach to life.
  • Mantra: I am wonderment, grace, service, compassion 

Made From:

  • Made with certified post-consumer plastic recycled bottles;.
  • Printed, never dyed - means we protect our waters from pollutants.
  • High absorbency, quick drying and bacteria resistant.
  • Sweating with purpose, can release negative patterns and cycles; clearing space for positive transformation.
  • Energetically designed and positively charged to awaken your body and spirit simultaneously.


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