What is an Aura?

What is an aura

For thousands of years, through drawings and written language, people have reported seeing auras, white lights and colors around human and non human objects.
Every substance on the planet has a certain field of energy around it.  What you see as substance on the planet is actually energy.  That is a scientific fact.  All of existence is actually energy.  Part of the energy has manifested itself into a certain level of reverberation which makes it a physical form.  Another part of the energy has not manifested itself into a physical form, but it still has a form.  That form which is not yet physical or refuses to be physical is being called an aura.  

Every living and non living thing on earth has an aura.  Auras have many colors, shades and layers that project different energies.  A person’s aura is like a blueprint to their soul.  They not only reflect the energies a person has come into this life with, but also reflect one's current physical, mental, emotional and energetic state.  Auras are as distinct to a person as their fingerprints. 

We don’t have to see an aura to know and feel it.  There is an energetic exchange, an instinct, that notifies or warns us when we get in close enough contact to another person or thing.   We can sense when someone has a warm and loving energy before we even meet them. Likewise, when we experience hesitation or fear in a person we have never met; we are picking up on their aura.

 A healthy aura is said to surround a person by 9 feet in all directions, whereas an unhealthy aura can shrink to 3 feet. Vivid and full auras surround individuals who are feeling authentically positive, healthy and energetic.  They are feeling expansive and most times connected to purpose and their inner truth.  Bright colors, but closer to the body can indicate a time of reflection, introversion and rest.   However, when a person's aura is dull and muted, it indicates sickness, sadness or that a person is living in disconnect to their true self.  They are in a negative space mentally and or physically.

Auras are vividly active and alive.  Energy simultaneously moves in and out of auric fields.   We have unlimited potential as energetic beings to create positive change at our conscious, subconscious and auric levels. We can learn to work with the energy fields to improve the quality of our lives. Understanding that at our core, we are all pure energetic love; And when we connect with that divine energy, manifestation is possible.

Learning how to tap into energy and color by setting intentions and creating visualizations can be an extraordinary tool.  We can learn through meditated states, how to empower ourselves and manifest energies that are aligned with our true identity.