How to work with aura colors to live your best life!

Light works as a catalyst for change.  Auras surround us at all times and the colors vary.  The brighter the colors the higher the vibration, the greater the positive outcomes in a persons life.  We have the innate power to transform our aura and live our best lives.

We can work with the light that surrounds us, but it is a process.  Whatever color we choose to bring more of into our auras, we must not only use the color and intention during meditation, but practice the intention.  The areas in your life where you are met with negative patterns or circumstances; call in the auric light.  Imagine it manifesting in your aura every time you encounter those negative experiences. The situations may not change but over time, your reactions and consciousness will change.  You will be operating from a higher vibration, therefore your experiences in those situations will be and fill positively different.  

We all have the divine power to live our best life when we tap into the light energy, set intentions and meditate through life, sweat and circumstance.