A personal story from Aurenda's owner

When I sit down to think about how I came up with Aurenda three things come to mind struggle, love and Exercise. 

Each one of us has our own struggles. My struggles were a mix of parenting that I had had, the traumas I had in endured, the traits I took on and the daughter that was born to show me everything. 

There are so many joys in raising children, but it is also filled with a lot of difficult moments. My daughter was a sensory kid. She felt and heard things on such a higher vibrational level than many of us do. Most of the time she was overwhelmed, hurting, and angry. She pushed my buttons. And she showed me the fear and anger that I had held down.  She was/ is my teacher. She kept pushing my buttons until there was no choice but to face and unleash it. A lot of my world felt out of control. Not many people would see her tantrums, violent episodes or the way she affected every person in our young family.  I was unsupported. I was alone, sad and I knew in my heart we both needed to find a way out of this soon. The love for my daughter, my family and for myself propelled me forward.

I began to read about sensory kids from a western and eastern perspective. Both had merit and relief but I was drawn to the results we both were having from Reiki, yoga, meditation, cranial sacral massage, and the list goes on.

 I started taking classes too. I began to study auras, intuition and meditation. I even became a certified Reiki Master. The more I learned and incorporated it into my life, the more I began to see major shifts, manifestations and magic showing up. What I realized was, when we are able to tap into the pain, release the pain, we are able to begin the healing process.  What really stands in our way of manifesting change is holding onto our stories.  It is a block; a barrier between potential and suffering. I began to release so much pain, hurt, shame, blame, guilt, unworthiness that I had been holding onto in the mental and physical bodies.  I saw my daughters anger, fear and sensitivities become healed too. I began to feel deep within a settling in both of us.  A calming that I had never known to be mine.

 Another important piece to this journey was exercise. I have always been an exercise enthusiast and even practiced yoga and meditation from time to time.  Whether it was getting outdoors or being in a classroom; moving meditation, exerted breath and sweat are so grounding and uplifting for the human soul.  As I faced this intense part of my life I began to really rely on its healing benefits. It is a space in which we can channel thought and release. In fact, most of my solutions and entrepreneurial ideas come to me when I am exercising.  

 These steps were life changing for us.  Having a practice and tools that allowed us to heal on a deep level was and still is empowering.  Each person has access to these tools inside of themselves; we just need to remember how to listen and connect to our inner voice and guidance.  

I became inspired to help others connect to their stories and see how much potential they have to manifest.  My vision in building Aurenda was to have a company that has tools for each of us to use in our healing and manifestation process. 

I knew that exercise was a great manifester of change on a physical and mental level. The first product I developed was a line of 6 aura colored sweat towels. Each with a mantra and goal setting intention on it.  The mantras and aura colors were carefully chosen and written to guide each of us in our practice in connecting with the self, healing and manifesting magic. When we sweat with intention, there is an authentic state of flow that occurs.  We have found that by setting an intention and being reminded of that intention throughout one’s practice, allows for a much more fulfilling experience. 

It is our goal to continue to grow the line of tools that support each of us in finding our authentic selves and becoming great manifesters of the life we want.