What makes sweating spiritual?

What makes sweating spiritual?

What makes sweating spiritual?  When we choose to exercise, whether it be taking a cycling, yoga or cardio class or hiking, swimming or surfing; those are the times we commit to ourselves.  We work hard, we push ourselves sometimes further than we thought we could go. We get to focus on working on our bodies and our minds simultaneously benefit.  
...And scientifically, these endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body.  It is a mind, body release and a time to clear the clutter. 

Sweating in a sense helps the mind to organize thought. It is the perfect time to choose a mantra that is meaningful and heartfelt.  It is an opportunity in your day to repeat this thought until ever fiber in your body believes.

When you have clarity and your mind is focused and not wondering, there is an opportunity to manifest the things you want.

Exercising for me is the moment where the rest of the world goes away.
I can focus on my mind, body and spirit.

Much of our lives are spent in the rush, the white noise, the static.   We’ve somehow forgotten to breathe.  We’ve forgotten how to get quiet and we’ve forgotten how to feel free from our thoughts and demands. 

The things we have forgotten are the things that bring greater joy, love and light into our every day.  Remembering breath, silence and freedom can open up a window to our spirit, true voice and the teacher within.  When we listen to them, we become more aligned with our life’s work, purpose and magic and less aligned with chaos and fear.  

It is important for each of us to do the work.  We are sharing this world together. The lighter we each become, the greater the gift of peace will be.  

There is no bypass.  The work is deep, internal and disciplined.  Yet, in some ways when we stop pushing and spiraling, there is a flow and an ease to the work even if it's hard.  

Anyone can do this.  
Anyone can manifest the life they want with the right tools and work.  

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