About Us

Aurenda = Inspired by Orenda

Definition: Invisible energy vibrating from all natural objects.

"Aurenda" is derived from the Native American Iroquois term "Orenda" which is a term for the incredible physical power that channels the collective energy into animate and inanimate objects.  Here, we tap into this power through auras specifically, thus Aurenda was born. 

Our Vision

It is our belief that the few moments one is able to carve out of the day to exercise should be optimized by tapping into both mind and body. We have found that by setting an intention and being reminded of that intention throughout one’s practice, allows for a much more fulfilling experience.  When you tap into the universe, the universe hears you.    

Meet Our CEO

From a young age Julie understood the impact and importance of physical fitness, health and the outdoors on ones life.  After graduating with a BA in psychology and education, Julie moved across the country to San Diego, CA. Learning quickly that a desk job was not for her, she went back to school studying Exercise Science, Personal Training and Pilates.  She has spent nearly 20 years in the health and fitness industry. In conjunction with her fitness career, she had three children and started a baby blanket and apparel company.  

"Set intentions, embody and illuminate your energy and manifest a graceful, empowered and freer self." - Julie O'Connell, CEO Aurenda

With so much going on in Julie’s life, she found herself drawn to yoga and meditation.  Her yoga and meditation practice became a doorway and a reconnection to her younger self that had a graceful, natural and spiritual knowing.  She felt so much energy and beauty from nature and connection to spirit. She began to experience and manifest more abundance, peace, freedom and magic in her life.

Julie has now worked with many healers, shamans and energy workers.  She studied meditation, auras and energy work for many years and knew the healing power of intention setting, ritual and light energy was transformational.  She understood that she was meant to inspire, empower and guide others to manifest their best life.  

One day after a sweaty yoga class and meditation, like a ping from the universe, the idea for Aurenda was born.  She started creating products that energetically and spiritually guided people to embody their illuminated, graceful, empowered and freer self.   



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