Aura Colors

What Do Aura Colors Mean?

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Orange is a bright color found in the aura energy spectrum. People with Orange auras are highly motivated and enthusiastic. They are determined individuals who almost always overcome obstacles and negative distractions.

People with Orange in their auras are thoughtful and considerate people who enjoy being and working with others. They are motivated individuals who can make dynamic leaders and great bosses. They tend to follow their inner knowing and therefore trust in the decisions they make. These individuals can also be great friends.

Defining Characteristics:
Motivated, Organized
Goal Oriented, Ambitious
Thoughtful and Expressive.


Turquoise is a very prosperous energy in the aura energy spectrum. People with Turquoise auras attract abundance in all areas of their lives. It’s a “good luck” energy.

Having this energy in your aura holds a positive relationship with financial matters and wealth; freeing the mind of restrictions and limitations.
The Turquoise light also creates abundance in all aspects of a persons life. They tend to attract the friendships, family and resources they desire. When we work with this energy we are working with wholeness, as we are "rich" in so many areas of our life.

Defining Characteristics:
Abundant, Manifesters
Good Friends, Communicators
Unlimited Thinkers, Successful


Indigo is a highly spiritual energy in the aura spectrum. People with Indigo auras have a deep inner strength of a spiritual quality; Meaning they often have a knowing that they are divinely guided and supported by higher energies. Indigo is a very high vibrational color and indicates a person who is deeply connected to spirit. This color plays a powerful role in a persons life when it is present in their aura. They are open to seeing the significant role the universe can play in ones life; miracles, magic and connection beyond what the physical world tells us.

People with Indigo auras are intuitive and highly sensitive to other people’s energy. They tend to know things before they happen, hear things before they are said and can dream lucidly and literally. They are seekers by nature and see the world as something greater than the individual.

Defining Characteristics:
Intuitive, Spiritual Strength
Psychics, Mediums, Oracles, Energy Workers
Communicators and Connectors


Gold is strong color found in the aura energy spectrum. People with a lot of Gold in their aura are considered to have divine vibrations. They are guided, protected and mentored on their life’s journey by spiritual entities. They are protected from negative energies and use wise discernment with situations and people.
Gold auras indicate that a person has confidence in who they are and what they can achieve. They are willing to take chances because they have a great connection to the higher mind and their trust in the universe is clear and strong.

Defining Characteristics:
Wisdom, Self-Confidence
Illumination, Protection
Courage, Decisive,
Faith, Inner-Strength

Emerald Green is a very balanced and harmonious energy in the aura spectrum. People with Emerald Green auras are spiritually and emotionally centered.

They are able to handle many things with efficiency and ease. This energy smooths out difficult, contentious or uncomfortable situations. It makes things in life go easier and move well together. The Emerald Green aura brings a peaceful state of being. When we are in peace we are free from our burdens and worries, making this energetic color amazing to work with.

People with this aura are also connected to nature and feel centered and grounded when they are outdoors.

Defining Characteristics:
Growth and Renewal
Trustworthy, Helpful
Intelligent, Process Ideas Quickly
Harmonious, Balanced
Peaceful, Environmental


Violet is a color that represents the peaceful warrior found in the aura energy spectrum. People with Violet auras poses inner and outer poise.

They are willing to be of service to humanity. These individuals look at the world in wonderment, seeing nature miracles as miracles. They have high spiritual power, true greatness and unselfish efforts.

They treat others with grace and compassion. They try to help people, the environment and animals. Their mission in life is to lead and inspire humankind and to guide us into a new age of prosperity, happiness and wholeness.

Defining Characteristics:
-Gentle, calm and serene
-Inspirational leaders, visionaries, therapists, performers or teachers.
- Humility
-Visionary at the highest level.


Red is a powerful color found in the aura energy spectrum. People with a lot of Red in their aura are passionate individuals who love adventure, being dynamic and pleasures of the physical world. It is their passions that provide drive to their life. However, it can also cause restlessness because they tend to desire bigger and better things.

They seek adrenaline - inducing activities with little fear and crave indulgence.

A Red aura may indicate love or new romance. They express sensuality with ease and embrace physical pleasures.

Defining Characteristics:
Vitality, Athleticism, Righteousness
Passion, Love, Enthusiasm and Dynamic Energy,

How To Make The Aura - In Aurenda
Work For You!

Manifest This…How to work with aura colors.

1. Decide which color you want to work with. Either:
- Choose the aura color from the quiz. It is your dominant aura color and you may want to work on growing and strengthening what you already have manifested!
- Learn about a new color here. Choose the aura color that represents a personal goal. Is there something that you have wanted to manifest in your life and haven’t had the tools to work on?

2. Once you have chosen your aura color (s); Read the mantra that comes with your tool. Integrate the mantra and its words into your daily life.

3. Imagine that you are always surrounded by the colors(s) you chose. Feel into their light!

4. Before you begin your work out, take a moment - read the mantra, visualize the color(s) AND AWAKEN YOUR INNER HEALING! Sweat; clearing out what no longer serves and integrating your soul's intentions at the highest frequency.



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