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Whether you are sweating it out in the studio, at the gym, on the bike, or on the go, Aurenda has an option for you. 

We believe that the precious time you carve out for exercise can elevate your physical strength and spiritual vibration. Every day, our team at Aurenda wakes up energized knowing that:

• You can awake your body and spirit, simultaneously

• Every small shift, no matter how small, leads to universal transformation 


The original Aura towel was designed for one woman's personal transformation

Julie O'Connell, mom of 3, Reiki Master and certified pilates instructor, found herself on a deep emotional journey. Western medicine alone was not giving the support her and her family needed, so she spent years assessing healing modalities and practices that would bring true alignment and joy. Julie knew this knowledge had to meet people in their daily lives. An entrepreneur with a niche in blankets & cloth goods, Julie combined her unique skill set to design a mantra towel for her own workouts

Be in awe of your own aura.

Julie began bringing her towel to yoga classes, the gym and to refresh in her own home workouts. Soon enough, friends and fellow class attendees began asking if they could buy one. As each individual learned about their aura and used the towel as a workout mantra, the results were incredible. This movement was meant to grow bigger.

Aurenda was born.

Because when you learn about your aura and bring its power into daily workouts, the shifts in everyday life add up to beautiful, soul-aligned transformation.



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